Workplace Wellbeing Programmes


1-2 day in the Lake District or Scotland mid-belt

Leadership Development

A. 'Secure based leadership' programme lead by sports phycologists and linking GB sporting approaches to team and personal development. 

B. Using an outdoors classroom small groups are set various climbing tasks - pushing their own limits and putting their trust in colleagues. 

C.  Strong bonds created alongside far deeper understanding of selves and others. 


1-2 day wilderness adventure

Team Building

A. Point to point guided hike with option for 1 night wild camp. 

B. Locations including Cairngorms National Park, Glencoe, Isle of Skye, Torridon. 

C. Get off grid, clear the mind, explore deep into the wilderness, learn new skills. 


1-day in Peak District, New Forest, Loch Lomond

Invest in your people

A. Activity - woodland hike (focussed thinking time and simple exercise) 

B. Lunch and mindfulness coaching

C. Afternoon to unwind or try kayaking