Don't be a sheep!

A very quick reflection on a great chat while on a trail run this week..

Society has a curious way of conditioning us all to conform to being "normal", and people who like to go running up hills, swimming in freezing lochs, or camping in the rain are made to feel weird because they are usually in the minority.

I suspect there may be an element of jealousy behind that attitude, but there is huge power is finding a community of people who share those passions, and maybe revel in being weird!!

Al Humphreys is an inspiring figure - who coined the term 'microadventures' - and he recently shared this short piece - so I thought I'd pass it on!

Without getting too philosophical - in my humble opinion, life is about doing what you love, and to a large degree not caring what anyone else thinks.

So - I urge you - don't be a sheep, and cut your own path as you enjoy life's ups and downs...

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